Bulldogklubben – Bøsøre 6/5 and 7/5 2016

What a weekend!

Friday the 6/5 111 frenchies compeeting.

Our dogs result:

Baby class females, judge Peter van Montfoort, NL
1. PPC Bulls Holly – Owner Pia Vosgerau 
2. PPC Bulls Hottie – Owner us.
( 5 in class)


Puppy Class Males, judge Avi Mallach,
Israel Montfoort ( 7 in Class)

1. PPC Bulls Ghandi – Owner Trine Thougaard
2. PPC Bulls Gibson – Owner Betina Kaspersen
3. PPC Bulls Gringo – Owner us.


3. PPC Bulls Ernie (8 in class) owner Berit Lyng


Open class males: 
1. Supreme Quality Ettore, Ck  
( 14 in class)

Saturday the 7/5 116 frenchies compeeting

Our dogs results:

Baby class females Judge Michael Laub, DK
1. PPC Bull´s Hottie, owner us
2. PPC Bull´s Holly, owner Pia Vosgerau
(6 in class) AND BEST BABY IN BREED!


Puppy Class Males, Judge Peter van  (7 in class)

2. PPC Bull´s Gringo, owner us
3. PPC Bull´s Ghandi, owner Trine Thougaard


2. PPC Bull´s Ernie ( 8 in Class)


   Open Class Males
3. Supreme Quality Ettore ( 14 in class)
AND ended 3. best male with CERT

2 CERTS in one weekend and not even 2 years yet – very proud breeder.

Ettores Daughter at Kennel Le Petie Favorie, was best female puppy both days!

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